Meet Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver

Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver

You're gonna love her!

Dr. Johnson-Weaver is founder of Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care.  

She is a Board Certified Family Medicine doctor who has been practicing for over 15 years.  After obtaining her bachelors from Princeton University, Dr. Johnson-Weaver attended Temple School of Medicine, and then completed her residency at Chestnut Hill Family Practice in Philadelphia, PA.  

Personally, she enjoys spending time with her children, coaching youth basketball and reading clubs, and a myriad of other activities.   Dr. Johnson-Weaver "resolved" to  abandon the traditional primary care model to adopt and deliver Direct Primary Care.  



Dr. Johnson-Weaver has been lauded by her patients for being personable and genuine. At Resolve MD, she has more time to focus on you and your family!  Together you will work towards a path of sustained health and well-being.    


By cutting the bureaucratic "red-tape" and adopting the DPC model, Resolve MD can become creative with their ways of providing care. Patients have the options of video chat, phone, text and email to contact their physician. Dr. Johnson-Weaver does not have to bring you in the office just to get reimbursed for her time.   


In today’s fast paced world, the traditional hours and modes of delivery of care don’t always work. At Resolve MD,  Dr. Johnson-Weaver has more wiggle room!  She manages an intimate number of patients and therefore has more open slots, little to no wait time in the waiting room or to schedule an appointment. If you can’t come in to the office, when appropriate, she can see you at your home or place of work.

*house calls are at the discretion of Dr. Johnson-Weaver and are within 10 miles of the practice

Dr. Johnson- Weaver speaks!

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