What's DPC?  

In Direct Primary Care, the patient pays their doctor a monthly membership fee. By doing so, a DPC doctor does not have to bill insurance companies. The result is the doctor is not over burdened by paperwork and "red tape". The doctor is able to give the best of his or her knowledge and time to take care of you.        

What is Resolve MD?  

Resolve MD is a direct primary care practice that was created by Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver to offer the full scope of family medical care that is personal, accessible and affordable.     

Why choose the name Resolve MD and what does the blue lioness logo mean?

 At Resolve MD, we wanted you to always be reminded that we are committed (i.e. have the "resolve")  to take care of your medical needs in a high quality way.  To us, the blue represents healing and the lioness represents strength or resolve. 


Do I have to pay co-pays or deductible costs for my appointment? 

No way! Your membership covers the costs of services directly performed by Dr. Johnson-Weaver. See membership page for fees and benefits.      

How can Resolve MD benefit me?

The value of being a Resolve MD member is the personalized physician-doctor relationship with extended visits, meaningful conversations about your health, option for virtual visits by telephone, email or telemedicine.  If you are uninsured, we can help with wholesale pricing on routine bloodwork and imaging.  When you need to come into the office, your wait time is minimal and you will have plenty of time during your appointment so you don't feel rushed. You can also opt for telemedicine visit or video chat or house call or work site visit when appropriate. You can also feel less stress and worry about unpredictable out of pocket medical bills and can see Dr. Johnson-Weaver an unlimited number of visits without a co-pay.     

Do I need to have insurance?   

You do not need insurance to become a member of Resolve MD. In fact, we have many un-insured patients who enjoy paying a simple monthly membership fee for the highly personal and affordable primary care that we provide.  However, at Resolve MD we do recommend that you carry insurance for  coverage for catastrophic events - in the medical world that will be specialists, medical emergencies, and hospitalizations.  In most cases, primary care can take care of a large part of your medical needs.     

Why charge a membership fee?

 The membership fee allows us to provide the vast majority of a person's primary care in an innovative way for a simple, fixed price. Much like Netflix or a gym membership, it allows members to better budget their healthcare finances; without worrying about extra costs, co-pays and deductibles for routine care.         

How much does a "check-up" cost? wellness visit?    

All wellness visits are provided at ZERO cost to all members! Pap smears will have a low lab cost. 


How long are doctor visits?    

Our visit can be up to an hour, if you need it to be. Our goal is to provide personalized, un-rushed care for our members.         

Does Resolve MD accept health insurance?    

We forgo insurance payments in order to eliminate the middleman. You pay Resolve MD a monthly fee for your visits and care with Dr. Johnson-Weaver. You can use your insurance for labs,imaging and specialty visits and hospital visits. 

Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care FAQ's

Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care FAQ's

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