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Tele-medicine visits (visits by video or phone)  will continue to be a benefit of your membership at no additional cost.  Simply schedule online at 

NON-MEMBER tele-health visits for $69 a visit

Resolve MD is temporarily offering  tele-health visits to non-members for 

  • acute issues (Covid-19 counseling, cough symptoms, urinary tract infection and more)
  • chronic medication refills (we know it might be a hard time to see your regular physician)   

We know that this is a challenging time and are opening this up to help our community!  Of note *no controlled substances will be filled  and *while we can offer consultation about Covid-19 during a visit, we do not have  Covid-19 testing available  

Additional information:

What is a telehealth visit?  It is a virtual visit with you Dr. Johnson-Weaver via phone or video.

How does it work if I am not a member?  Click on the ENROLL NOW button on our website or the button above and complete the online form.  Dr. Johnson-Weaver will then contact you via secure text for the reason for your call and set up a phone or video visit.

Do you take health insurance? No, Resolve MD does not take insurance. For non-members the fee for a telehealth visit is $69.  For Resolve MD members, unlimited medically necessary telemedicine visits are a benefit of membership  and no additional fees occur. 

Will antibiotics be prescribed if I have an infection?  Just as you would go to your normal physician and be assessed if there is a need for antibiotics, the same holds true with virtual visits. Antibiotics are only prescribed when the physician feels that it is medically appropriate.  

Will I get a refund if an antibiotic is not prescribed?   No refunds will be given, antibiotics are only prescribed if Dr. Johnson-Weaver feels that it is medically appropriate.  The fee that you pay is for the medical knowledge, advice and treatment plan that Dr. Johnson-Weaver provides during the visit.

How long are the visits? The visits can  range from 5-20 minutes.  Most issues can be evaluated and a treatement plan developed during that time. 

Can I address more than one issue at a visit? The visits are for one medical issue or for appropriate refills only. You can set up a second visit if additional visits are needed. 

What if I want to become a member of Resolve MD? We would love to have you join the Resolve MD community. As a patient-member  would then be able to get all your medically neccesary telehealth visits for free. Click the enroll now button to sign up for membership or email Dr. Johnson-Weaver with questions about your membership. 

Please direct any further questions to info@resolvemd.

Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care
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Resolve MD is a Direct Primary Care Medical Practice

Your medical care is affordable and accessible!

We simplify the way primary care is delivered by directly connecting patient to doctor. As a patient, you pay Resolve MD a monthly membership fee. The monthy membership fee eliminates the need for deductibles, co-pays and complicated insurance billing.  In exchange for your monthly membership fee, Dr. Johnson- Weaver takes care of your primary care needs! 

 As a member, you also have access to wholesale pricing on bloodwork, wholesale pricing on medications from our in-house pharmacy and wholesale pricing on imaging!  (If you have health insurance you can choose to use your insurance for labs, imaging, specialists and hospital visits). 

*When we say affordable, we mean it.  Adults members pay on average $60 a month, children on average $25 a month.  See member benefits and pricing.

Resolve MD is...

Meet Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver

 "For more than a decade, I have watched the distance between patient and doctor grow. Large organizations and health insurances constantly dictate care.  At Resolve MD, there is no "middle man". Your primary care needs are between you and I.  You will have direct access to me in person or via phone, email and text.  I look forward to developing a long term patient-doctor relationship with you."  

Joi Johnson-Weaver, MD  

Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver, founder and family physician of Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care

Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver is the founder of Resolve MD.  She is a Board Certified Family Medicine doctor who has been practicing for over 15 years;  nine of those years have been in Maryland.  After obtaining her bachelor's from Princeton University, Dr. Johnson-Weaver attended Temple School of Medicine, and then completed her residency at the Chestnut Hill Family Practice in Philadelphia, PA.  

Personally, Dr. Johnson-Weaver enjoys spending time with her fiance and children, coaching youth basketball and reading clubs, and a myriad of other activities.   

Family practice physician, Dr. Johnson-Weaver "resolved" to abandon the traditional primary care model to adopt and deliver Direct Primary Care.  

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