Resolve MD is part of a growing healthcare revolution called Direct Primary Care.

 It is innovative. It is simple. It is personal. 

Direct Primary Care practices

charge a flat monthly membership fee in exchange for:


Caring for only a small panel of patients,(this means more time for you!)

Personal office experience


No co-pays for visits

Little to no wait time before appointments

Un-rushed visits of up to 30-60 minutes

Direct access to your doctor through email, text and video chat

In-office visits, house calls and work-site visits*

Wholesale prices on routine bloodwork

Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care is not meant to replace insurance. You still need it for specialty visits and hospital services. You can also use your insurance for labs and diagnostic tests.

Dr-Joi -A-Johnson-Weaver-family-practice-physician

Dr-Joi -A-Johnson-Weaver-family-practice-physician

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What people are saying about DIRECT primary care!

What people are saying about Direct Primary Care, Resolve MD

"There is no waiting room because there is rarely a wait

A Direct Primary Care patient states in the Wall Street Journal. 

With Direct Primary Care, It's Just Doctor and Patient, Feb 27,2017.

"Patient satisfaction goes up ... Quality goes up and costs go down..."

Dr. John Meig, President of American Academy of Family Physicians, Wall Street Journal, With Direct Primary Care, It's Just Doctor and Patient, Feb 27, 2017. 


"D.P.C. (Direct Primary Care) is for anyone who wants to have a good, strong relationship with their primary care provider."

Alex Tolbert, founder of Bernard Health, in a USA Today Network article, 

Growing Health Insurance Model Skips Past Insurance, Aug 3, 2017.

I have great insurance through my work, but all of that doesn’t mean a lot if it doesn’t feel like you’re getting quality care,” 

Member of a Tennessee Direct Primary Care practice when asked why they changed from Traditional Primary Care. USA Today Network, 

Growing Health Care Model Skips Past Insurance, Aug 3, 2017

Direct Primary Care is in the news!

More Doctors Opt for Direct Primary Care 

Direct Primary Care: A Better Way to Pay For Healthcare?  NBC Nightly News

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