Telemedicine visits (visits by video or phone)  are and have always been a benefit of your membership at no additional cost.  Simply schedule online at  

NON-MEMBER telemedicine visits for $69 a visit

Resolve MD is temporarily offering  telehealth visits to non-members for 

  • acute issues like cough or cold symptoms, urinary tract infection, rash and more
  •  chronic medication refills - we know it might be hard to access your doctor at this time

We know that this is a challenging time and are here to help our community!  Of note, 

*no controlled substances will be filled  *while we can offer consultation about covid-19 symptoms during a visit, we do not have covid-19 testing available  



What is a telehealth visit?  It is a virtual visit with your doctor via phone or video.

How does it work if I am not a member?  Click on the ENROLL NOW button on our website or the button above and complete the online form.  Dr. Johnson-Weaver will then contact you via secure text for the reason for your call and set up a phone or video visit.

Do you take health insurance? No, Resolve MD does not take insurance. For non-members the fee for a telehealth visit is $79.  For Resolve MD members, unlimited medically necessary telemedicine visits are a benefit of membership  and no additional fees occur. 

Will antibiotics be prescribed if I have an infection?  Just as you would go to your normal physician and be assessed if there is a need for antibiotics, the same holds true with virtual visits. Antibiotics are only prescribed when the physician feels that it is medically appropriate.  

Will I get a refund if an antibiotic is not prescribed?   No refunds will be given, antibiotics are only prescribed if Dr. Johnson-Weaver feels that it is medically appropriate.  The fee that you pay is for the medical knowledge, advice and treatment plan that Dr. Johnson-Weaver provides during the visit.

How long are the visits? The visits can  range from 5-20 minutes.  Most issues can be evaluated and a treatement plan developed during that time. 

Can I address more than one issue at a visit? The visits are for one medical issue or for appropriate refills only. You can set up a second visit if additional visits are needed. 

What if I want to become a member of Resolve MD? We would love to have you join the Resolve MD community. As a patient-member  would then be able to get all your medically necessary telehealth visits for free. Click the enroll now button to sign up for membership or email Dr. Johnson-Weaver with questions about your membership. 

Please direct any further questions to